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Our Specialists

Meaning of “Specialist” for RNF Chemical

Specialists are people who have professional knowledge and ability toward certain field. To explain it easier, they are special force rather than normal soldiers in army, and national athlete rather than amateur in sports area.

In RNF chemical, Specialists are people who have professional knowledge of technology in resin
and film field and also who have accumulated Know-where & Know-how based on the actual experiences that

Sepcial Policy of RF Chemical

  • To R&F Specialist

    There are special benefits such as no position limit, salary of billions of won, corporate card free, interest-free loans, and the payment of high-end foreign cars.

  • Mission & Role

    Our company educates and develops individual’s ability, amplifies individual’s satisfaction, and individuals put their best efforts to company’s development and growth.

  • Know-where &

    The business that RNF Chemical and customers need is always available.

To R&F Specialist